Link Networks They Work

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If you have visited my blog on more than one occasion you would of noticed that I’m not blogging that much at the moment. In all honesty it’s been several months and I still don’t have that much to say right now. I am still making money from Adsense, and believe it or not I […]

Backlinks Is The Way To Go

It’s been a little while since I posted anything here, but it’s not my fault I swear. If there’s anyone to blame, it’s Google… OK. If I’m honest, I have been hanging out over at G+. There is a great community over there at “Niche Site Community“. If niche sites are your thing or they […]

WordPress SEO – Forever Affiliate – ViperChill

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WordPress SEO – Forever Affiliate – ViperChill – G+ News I haven’t posted for a while, mainly due to being in a bit of a funk. What is a Funk? Being in a “funk” is like when you have no enthusiasm and your mood is not in line with your intentions. A funk is when […]

New Domain Endings

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I am all excited, like a kid that has found something cool and felt the urge to share my new find. I was just logging into my hosting provider to for a bit of domain tidying, when I noticed the “pre-order now” button. Intrigued as usual I got distracted from my mission and now I […]

We All Lose Momentum Sometimes

Slow Start To July It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted here. This is mostly due to laziness, lack of inspiration and plain and simply “not feeling it”. The reason I am straight up with you about my lack lustre attitude, Is because I want you to know that, “no matter how […]

Invest In Yourself –

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I remember when I was at collage learning to be an electrician. I was always crap at the writing, but excelled in the practical. You could bet money that I would be the last to finish anything written and the chances of me actually completing a written task where slim. When it came to the […]

Dancing On The WordPress Tables

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Here is a great way of boosting clicks, sales and useability which will bring great benefits to your site overall. There are so many reasons to use WordPress Tables on your website/niche site. I started using them after my niche sites had been created and become stagnant within the search engines. WordPress Tables allow you […]

Friday Update And News.

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Thank F#€k it’s Friday. I have had a bit of a full on week which means I am not really in the mood to sit here and write stuff after a day at work. I have lots of ideas, sometimes to many that I am unable to switch from normal work to really focusing on […]

A Quick Update From The Cafe

Finally got my laptop fixed and celebrated by taking it to the cafe. After all isn’t that what some of us are striving for? Unfortunately it was only in my dinner break from my normal day job… Still, it was nice to be able to take my passion away from the small back room of […]

Essential WordPress Plugins

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Plugins are the cogs within the machine when it comes to WordPress sites. In 2013 WordPress was 10 years old and from the get go developers have been creating plugins to extend the useability of their WP sites. As of this moment, there are 25,429 plugins within the WordPress repository, and there are probably a […]