2014 looks exciting!

I have sat to write a post here so often over the last few months and then stopped.  Here is a paragraph that has been sat in draft for at least six weeks!

The summer has flown by.  I feel like, in so many ways, we have been in survival mode.  Mark’s Dad really hasn’t been very well.  Truth be told he still isn’t and it is so worrying.  Unfortunately it isn’t something I can really share, it isn’t my story to tell.  But it is a constant source of concern.  We have spent alot of time on the motorway at weekends or juggling childcare between us to try to get the best balance we can as children and as parents.  I realised that I find it hard to blog when I have to be so heavily edited.  My biggest compliment about this space is my honesty and openness.  But live blogging, allowing perfect strangers into your mind, is also something I worry I shouldn’t do as freely as I do.  Maybe with time I will find an easy groove somewhere between the two.  For now though it might continue to be a little stop start.

relocation 2014 looks exciting!But now I can write freely and tell you that we have decided to relocate back to the West Midlands from Coventry.  This relocation hasn’t been an easy decision.  Our house is finally finished and it’s hard to let it go after so much time and effort.  Juggling two jobs, houses etc it hard – trying to get all the timings perfectly aligned is impossible.  We are, however, pretty damn close.  As of February we will be living with family / renting whilst we find a house we love.  Mark has a role to go to and I will commute into London three days a week whilst I look for a Birmingham based role.  I am excited, nervous, scared and thrilled all at once.  It will be so lovely to have our families close by although learning to adapt to it will also bring challenges I’m sure.

Another exciting development that you may have spotted mentioned on twitter is my collaboration with my best friend Fay.  Initially we are developing a blog and there are a few ideas which might lead to exciting offshoots later next year.  If you have ever found yourself wishing you were more organised, wondering how you can snatch some me time and promising that next year you will read more, then we think you’ll love by Eva Williams.  Although we are busy writing posts we are still getting everything set-up so you can’t nosy at it just yet.  The good news is that you can get sneak peeks by following by Eva Williams elsewhere:

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  1. Congrats Amy! It’s lovely to hear that you are making a move with your family to further your happiness. It does indeed sound like 2014 is going to be so exciting for you! Best of luck with everything :-)

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